An Unsuitable Boy by Karan Johar

I was 8-9 years old when Karan Johar’s first movie, “Kuch kuch hota hai” was released. I grew up and have seen his career grow old with me. For me, Bollywood is quite an interesting place because even if you are not too much into Bollywood movies, you cannot not know about them while growing up in India.

This is my second Bollywood novel after Rishi Kapoor’s  Khullam Khulla. This is a quick, candid & breezy read for anyone interested in the life and thoughts of the most controversial Bollywood director. No matter what people think and say about Karan Johar and his movies, this book is definitely worth reading.  Ever since I started reading the first page, I was completely engrossed. I finished this in one sitting and by the end, I was left with so much respect for him.

“An Unsuitable Boy” is Karan Johar bold, pure and uncut! It is so raw that it seems there was no editing or filtering. Karan was being completely and unapologetically himself. He didn’t care how others would perceive him. He just wrote whatever came to his mind. This book has all the usual suspects: bitchiness, flamboyance, and tongue in cheek humor. What I wasn’t ready for was the honesty.

Karan was really blunt about his personal life, which I thought was very surprising given that he is still very much active and prominent in the industry.  The only thing he didn’t do was to talk about other people’s lives. So you won’t get filth on Ajay Devgan or Priyanka Chopra or learn some naughty secret of Kareena Kapoor.

The best part is he didn’t try to redeem himself against numerous accusations and criticisms he had picked up in industry. He opened up about his family, his films, his showbiz career, his friends, his working style & his frailties in this breezy read that’s clearly volume one of his life story. Thankfully, he wasn’t seeking any vindication or approval either. The book just engages you in what feels like an honest conversation.

The book did hold a certain nostalgic value as well. It brought back memories of ‘the Bollywood Days’- when I used to keep track of every detail of every Bollywood movie. In fact, many of the movies and incidents Mr. Johar talks about felt like milestones marking bygone phases of my own life. And for those remembrances, I’m a grateful reader.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this book and I think this is essential (and fun!) reading for any die-hard Bollywood fan.

I rate the book 4/5.  Actually 3 for the book and 1 for Karan


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  1. Its quite refreshing to go through very encouraging review. And it also unfolded a hidden aspect of your personality regarding interest in Bollywood. Finally it implies that Karan has pen down the book directly from his heart.

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