Anita: A Trophy wife by Sujatha Rangarajan

One Murder, Two women, a lawyer, two perspectives and a whole lot of fortune…!!

Anita: A Trophy Wife is an English translation of the Tamil novel Ilam Manaivi. The book has been translated by Meera Ravishankar.Anita

If looked from surface the book had every element to make it a good crime thriller but when you start reading it you will find that the contents of the book are way different it largely relies on the woman sensuality rather than character building. Irony is that the titular character Anita was objectified throughout the novel she is there either to seduce someone or to cry out her sad story to someone, this is all what she had in the name of character development. The whole plot is completely boring and very much predictable. All other characters are also completely forgettable.

I discovered the book while watching Sriram Raghavan’s latest masterpiece “Andhadhun” thankfully it was a short read and didn’t waste much of my time. It looked like a single episode of Savdhan India was converted in a book. Most of the events taking place were repetitive throughout ​the course of the book. Ending was like some potboiler bollywood film. There are some events which are put deliberately to deepen the mystery but you can sense the twist and even predict the ending. Routine movie story with so much irrational drama. The most disappointing book I have had the displeasure of reading in the recent past. It’s mind numblingly boring. I wish I could give it zero stars. I hope people don’t judge Indian authors based on books like this.

In short, pathetic story!! Too boring. I wasted my money. This book is not at all recommended.

I think, Amazon should definitely upgrade their rating system and allow users to give a zero rating star. (Well, I’m pretty serious about giving zero stars.)

My Rating : 0 /5

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