Apna Time Aayega…!

Abraham Lincoln is a shining example of persistence. Most of us know that he was President of the United States and shut down the practice of slavery, but few know his path to the Presidency was littered with failure:

1831 – Lincoln failed in business.
1832 – He was defeated for state legislator.
1833 – He tried a new business, and failed.
1835 – His fiancée died.
1836 – He had a nervous breakdown.
1843 – He ran for congress and was defeated.
1848 – He ran again, and was defeated. Again.
1855 – He ran for the Senate, and lost.
1856 – He ran for Vice President, and lost.
1859 – He ran again for the Senate, and lost again.
1860 – Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States.

In the midst of these failures, Lincoln was known to have stated, “I will get ready, my time will come.”

My heart has been stirred by the statement that “Victory happens when ten thousand hours of training meet one moment of opportunity.” I long to live my life in preparation for all God has in store, and I hope you do too.


I do read a lot and The wisdom I have learned after reading so many books is invaluable to me, and has enabled me to be help to others who have come to me. Most of all, I have learned a posture of always being a learner; I have gained a love for learning that I will carry with me the rest of my life.

Good time will come when you will stop asking this question and start working for it whatever good means to you. Simple as that.

Good time does not come by waiting only, you will have to work for it, you will have to push your body to its maximum, there would be temptations which will force you to give up, which will deviate you from your path.

You will have to work hard, you will have to maintain discipline, and most importantly you should be hopeful and optimistic, because when you don’t hope for the best, you won’t give your best.

Don’t go into auto-pilot mode in your life where you are satisfied with what’s before you. An incredible Netflix documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushishares about the most respected sushi restaurant in the world which is located in a subway station in Japan. People now spend hundreds of dollars a meal, and must book months in advance to get a seat at the table. The owner, Jiro, has spent his life – everyday – repeatedly getting better at his craft. This daily practice of repetition is vital, he says, to what it takes to become a true expert.

“You will fail, You will fail again, but your determination should only get stronger, you will have to ignite your will to achieve something, and that fire inside your heart should “only be increased” by temptation ,not be extinguished till the achievement”.

Good time will come when you start giving up excuses to yourself for not doing something, when your will has the more power to achieve than the power of your circumstances forcing you to give up.



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  1. Hi Priyanka…..Maza aa gaya. You have connected the Gully boy line with Abraham Lincon so perfectly that it give impression that some M Guru is writing
    it.Enjoyed it. I am wondering in no time now you would be having your own Life Lesson Series in which people get first hand experience of life situations.
    Great Keep going…keep writing.

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