Asura: Tale of The Vanquished by Anand Neelakantan, The Story of Ravana and His people

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A big round of ovation for Author for his writing and research work. Each miniscule detail is crafted with utmost dedication.
Asura is the tale of Ravana, his life journey, Asura People and the Ramayana War from an utterly different perspective. Right from the beginning the narration was engaging, at so many instances where author reflects the human emotions and nature which hints to various consequences that can be mapped very much to the current scenario.
Mr. Neelakanthan has done a great job by showing the grey area in our belief system and this book forces you to reconsider the mythology we have been told from ages. It will made you to rethink the whole concept of Ramayana , Ravana and Ram. The criticism to Maryada Puroshottam Ram for acting the righteous without any Human Emotion, the inner tussle of Ravana with his emotions, thoughts and ambition, the struggle Ravana had in making himself understood to his ministers, family and his Asura people , the perspective of Bhadra on the War supposedly fought for righteousness, the mental model of various folks about various folks, make this book very interesting.
The Story was told from two first person Outlook; Ravana – How his thought process changes with various emotions of anger, fear, jealousy, Ambition, helplessness. Bhadra : The whole scenario of ruling by Ravana from a common man’s point of view.
However I found narrative a bit lengthy. Conversation could have been smaller and mental thoughts could have been less. Reduction of the occurrence of the repetitive words could have drawn more absorption. But I can understand that going into the depth of some content and re-writing it is itself a big task. But author did his job remarkably.

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  1. Such a research books are providing new thoughts and provide new dimensions to our understanding of history. I think Devadatt Patnaik also came up with interesting books which would draw your attention. Refreshing review Priyanka😊😊.

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