Books I hate

Whenever I give anyone the option of bad news and good news, in most of the cases people prefer to hear bad news first. So when I thought of writing about the books I hate most and like most, I thought let’s start with hate.

In course of my reading journey I have come across all kind of literature. I liked few and dislike few. Hate is a strong word to use here but I do have a list of books which for some or other reason I hate:-

  1. All work of Chetan Bhagat, Ravinder Singh, Durjoy Dutta, Preeti Shinoy– For spoiling the rich Indian literature


  1. Middlesex– For my inability to complete the book. I stopped it halfway. Again started reading after 2–3 days but naaahh!! it’s same


  1. The Fault in our Dreams– Sorry fans!! For a story about Human Beings, it doesn’t feel very human at all. Instead everything feels very unnatural and self-conscious in the worst way.


  1. Midnight’s Children: I can’t finish reading, stuck from long time


  1. Twlight: For posing women as weak creature. Also I read it because I don’t want to miss the chance of reading the worst novel of the history.


Apart from above, I never liked my school text books. But do they count? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Books I hate”

  1. Priyanka how can you hate a book? You can like or dislike the content and that mean you disapprove writer’s concept and thought process behind that particular book. And
    some of the writers with their ideology are in your hit list of Haters that is understandable , So like to hear which book impressed you most… like most. Here also Some of writers would be in your must read category and you would love to read their every creation. Anyway happy to read some frank opinion. Good going.

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