Corporate Lesson!

Corporate lesson

We all in general commit mistakes which unconsciously sabotage our careers. Here we are providing some basic yet revolutionary guide to help you in move fluidly forward in your career:

  1. Be direct, concise and precise in front of seniors & clients – that helps you build an Image of credit. Everything is noticed by someone the way of walk, the way you talk and the way you work
  2. Don’t complain about peers or management – that puts you in bad light. Focus on your own work rather than advice to others
  1. Don’t blindly trust the people you work with – there will always be competition among peers and any mistake from your side can be advantage of theirs. This will only slow your way up.
  1. Ask, what you think is owed to you, Verbalize it! Remember only crying baby gets the Milk.
  1. Don’t pass on High profile assignment, take it as a boon. That can be your ticket for get into visibility, growth and Work Satisfaction
  1. Communication skills along with fair level of intelligence are a deadly combination for becoming successful.
  1. Always listen to your inner voice.  If it “feels wrong” it is. Practice voicing out your opinions in meetings.
  1. Create your own network. Working really hard is not always key to success. Learn to spend some key time focus on building relationships not mere contacts – this will help you all your life time.
  1. Make your word you bond.  Let your yes mean yes and no mean no always.  Never dishonor yourself. Aimed to be liked and respected at the same time.
  1. In a meeting, do not afraid to ask questions. Asking question is a sign of confidence.
  1. Be careful with the personal conversation at workplace. Too much about yourself can harm you for your own disadvantage.
  1. Don’t always hate your boss when he gives you a low rating– You may not be the bad performer but may be the weakest link in the team. Figure it out yourself if there is something you need to improve upon and gradually work your way up.
  1. As you move up the ladder, you may notice an overwhelming level of folks around you trying to flatter you – looks delightful but beware , it’s your power & position that they are valuing to get favors and not the real you so use wise judgment to notice who is genuine and who is not.
  1. When you join a company, work really hard in the first 6 -8 months & win the trust of your seniors. Once the confidence is developed, no one can ever doubt or complain about your performance & that’s going to give you a good stay in that company.
  1. Choose your company wisely after doing your groundwork rather than following suit. Sometimes working for big brands may seem fabulous from outside world but when you get in there, you will discover how wrong you were in believing that. Happiness is much more important than mere brand show offs.
  1. Don’t think much on mistake happened, next day next beginning!
  1. Work towards your success without loathing/ interfering other’s achievement – it’s an unhealthy practice which harms your image and mental peace.
  1. Always do a double check before sending any attachment – small mistakes matter and stops you from becoming a perfectionist.
  1. Proper attire always helps you to get additional respect and notice. Dress to Impress! But never be so casual in office.
  1. Be ambitious and connect with like-minded professionals.
  1. Politics is inevitable in any form of Business. Learn to play it or stay safe.
  1. Learn from High IQ people and stay inspired. Enjoy your work and motivate your self
  1. Measure your success by work satisfaction and respect earned, not just by an annual monetary raise.
  1. Never ever ignore calls from your family and friends while at work – you can’t ever be so busy that you can’t respond to the ones who should matter the most.
  1. Have a goal & ensure that you achieve it within a specific time frame.
  1. Involve yourself in constructive activities like public speaking, new technology etc.
  1. Last but not the least, enjoy your work not for money but because you love it.

And at last, for some fun..


Have Fun..

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  1. Great mantras.Liked all specially 4th.14th is half true….continue beyond 6..8 months…always…17th is must.I would only say Guru pahle kyun nahi mile.😊
    Enjoyed Priyanka…your extra Saturday is gift to us by this way of getting good reading.

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