CRACKING THE CODE : My Journey in Bollywood by Ayushmann Khurrana

Cracking the Code is an autobiography by the Bollywood Actor, TV show host, VJ, singer Ayushmann Khurana which has been co-written by his wife Tahira Kashyap

Craking the CodeI never knew that Ayushmann could be this deft at the craft of writing. And, that said, I never knew so much about his struggle either. In fact, I had always believed he never really struggled as such. I lived in the bubble that read, Ayushmann participated in Roadies Season 2, became a VJ on MTV post that (as an obvious correlation), and eventually got a role in Vicky Donor, post which things have been going hunky-dory altogether. That’s the bubble I associated Ayushmann with. And, I could not be farther from the real and colourful canvas of his life.

First thing first, reading this book, it reinforced in my head the tenet that persistence always pays off somehow. Sooner or later, and, mostly in ways, we don’t consider the benefits to be aligning with our interests. But those benefits matter because most of the times, we ourselves hardly know what’s in our better interest anyway!

And, building on and around that tenet, the narration of the book was gripping enough to keep me on my seat throughout. I hardly took any breaks. I loved the journey and experiences shared. Also I, at times ended up admiring the way he articulated his uncommon ideas and principles with his rich experiences. Ayushmann was masterful on that front.

However, it was another aspect of the book that I loved a lot. That was the unprecedented glimpse into how reality TV shows and Bollywood industry actually function. His book definitely wasn’t about those things. But, given his own tale revolved around them, I ended up getting to learn about them. It was a natural consequence.

But, those things didn’t make this book such an endeared experience. What made up for the best part of this book was not his struggle or his hustle. Instead, the best takeaway from his book was when Ayushmann began to share his experiences post having made a mark in Bollywood. It was the phase just after Vicky Donor’s release and imminent success. It was this last 30% of the book which I loved the most.

Overall, ‘Cracking The Code’ is rich in experiences, richer in lessons to take away, and richest in its gripping narration. It’s real and riveting, exudes a lot of confidence and passion from the author’s end, and I am sure that any reader would love the book. I have tried to not give away any spoilers, but yeah, if the reader ends up witnessing any major one, I apologize.

My rating : 3/5

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