Dilli Darbar by Sumit Vyas

Dilli Durbar is written in Hindi, which is my native language. That’s one of the reasons I had fun Reading the book. It is written in a lighter vein and depicts the story of two boys who come to Delhi to relish their dreams. Bitten by their thrust of lust, it shows how Delhi helps them get what they want, both academically and otherwise. Rahul, the protagonist is an unconventional hero here with a lot of flaws but still a hero, a shrewd hero. He is someone who believes in enjoying the life rather than planning it and is not interested in long time commitments. Mohit, the best friend is that ideal guy who is always devoted to his career and his friends. Stands like a pillar of support for Rahul in each way possible. Paridhi, the Girlfriend, is a mature character, who is totally in love with Rahul, has a great sense of Humour. Batuk Sharma, Paridhi’s father is another hilarious character who keeps butchering English language and is a constant source of laughter.

The start given to the story is so connecting that every reader gets the Interest to read. The language has been kept simple. Right from a voracious reader to any average reader will enjoy reading this story in such a simple language. I personally loved the way every chapter has been given a start. Being a budding writer myself, I have learnt quite a lot from this novel. About the start, to be precise. Satya Vyas Ji has created a background which creates a picture in the eyes of readers and makes it easy for visualizing. For e.g., the instance where the author wants to tell that Batuk Sharma was suspended. It could have been said in one simple line but the beauty of the background creation is so nice. The same thing has been told by first telling about how he got a job and with that the intensity of his pain after getting suspended has been shown. And that’s what is the quality of a good writer. Hats off. The titles given to the chapters are itself creating a win-win situation. Nicely chosen and suits the chapters as well. Things like suspense and fun and humour are something that always keeps a reader stuck to the novel. And the story is having a lot of funny extracts that keeps the readers in a good mood even. I loved it because I kept laughing in between while reading. Suspense has been brought up towards the end of the novel, which is again interesting, and even that has been mixed with funny dialogues and that is a commendable job done by the author.
My rating : 3/5

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