“Everything We Keep” by Kerry Lonsdale

On our wedding day, my fiancé, James, arrived at the church in a casket.


This book I handpicked to read because it was available on Kindle for 60% discount. So basically it was a cheap read. I’m not sure how to review it. I mean, I didn’t exactly hate it, but at the same time I kind of did. I’m not sure that makes any sense, but that’s how I feet after finishing book.

The book opened with the funeral of James and how a strange lady approach James’s fiancée Aimee. James died tragically a few weeks before in a boating accident in Mexico. But as Aimee starts to rebuild her life, she can’t shake the feeling that James may not be dead. When some of his paintings mysteriously goes missing, and then appear in a gallery in a beach town in Mexico, she risks everything she’s gained in her new life to find out the truth.

The Whole book revolves around Aimee and her suspicion and confusion about James’s death. How she is moving ahead in life without leaving shackles of past.

I loved the character of Ian, Also there are few interesting characters like Thomas and Phil whom I wish author would have explored more.

The Novel start well enough, and then about half the way through, it just got so longwinded. The writing was uneven, sometimes it flowed really nicely, and at other times it was really shaggy. Some of the scenes are so cheesy that I found myself rolling my eyes. The so-called talented photographer shoots sunrises and sunsets which sounds a bit cliché. The ending felt rushed, because it took the main character so long to act on her suspicions. Once she did, all these hidden secrets came sinking out, mostly via flashback, and it was just…so quick.

Had the book ended before the epilogue, I’d have probably been a bit more generous and rated it better. Because, while I did have some issues with it, for the most part I was enjoying it… I won’t go into it because of spoilers, but suffice it to say, I wasn’t happy.

Looking at the author’s website, it appears she has a sequel planned for next year. Not sure if I want to read it or not.


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  1. Sometime we just roam in an unknown town and find the walk mix of joy… curiosity…and…. reluctance…with a cup of tea only worth remembering the walk.
    Move on Priyanka in world of books and keep sharing.

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