‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Teaser : Ice Meeting Fire

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television series of all time, and its awaiting conclusion has everyone wondering how the saga will end and more importantly, who will wind up on the Iron Throne.

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HBO isn’t revealing anything to that end, but we do have a new teaser that shows nothing of actual footage from the upcoming episodes, but it is filled to the brim with symbolism. It very clearly shows the coming together of Fire & Ice. It’s not a typical teaser trailer. There are no characters involved, at least not directly. It is set entirely on the famous map board which both Stannis and Dany use to plan their battles.

We see the ice sweeping its way from the north. Except, it’s not exactly ice. It’s like a cold storm. It instantly reminded me of the title of the second last book in the ASOIAF series ‘The Winds of Winter’.

This cold storm makes its way from the north and freezes the wolf. It covers a dire wolf in ice and then proceeds to do the same for a dragon in flight.

The fire rising from the South (especially from King’s Landing, marked by the lion) strikes back. And they meet somewhere in the middle of Westeros, raising a wall of what seems to be dragon glass. The fire not only represents Dany’s dragon, but the army of the living.

There are three symbols involved, the Wolf, the Dragon, and the Lion. Which, quite obviously represent each of the most powerful houses of Westeros. Moreover, they may each represent each of the key players of each house. The wolf representing Jon Snow, the dragon, Dany and the lion, Jamie Lannister. Who I think is the key to deciding the fate of Westeros.

I believe that Jamie, not Jon is the promised hero Azor Azhai. The ice covering wolf and dragon is symbolizing that both Jon and Dany will either fall to the white walkers or become their pawns. However, the burning lion symbolizes that it will lead the side of the fire. Both the forces meet at the Neck which may the location for the final battle.

And finally, the obsidian wall that results after the clash. What’s interesting to note here is that there is no decisive conclusion. After the wall is raised, neither the ice nor the fire encroaches into the other territory.

It seems that Game of Thrones season 8 will have all the destruction and devastation you’ve come to expect (and then some), and there’s no telling who’ll come out on top when these forces of nature meet. All in all, the hero will probably not be able to achieve total victory. But achieve some sort of treaty with the enemy.

My take on this? The final battle will leave the two sides on a stalemate. Neither will be able to claim total victory. As a result, after the battle, one side of the wall will be the territory of the White Walkers whereas the other for humans.

Well! We’ll have to find out in April 2019.

Valar Morghulis!  Valar Dohaeris


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