Gone Girl: Masterful psychological thriller, by Gillian Flynn

gone-girlGone Girl is an example of mystery, suspense and much more than just a crime novel, it’s a tale full of turn, twist, thrill and uncertainty.
Twist after twist after twist. It’s a page-turner layered with vividly crafted the smartest, dirtiest, filthy-minded characters; it’s the kind of book that’s nearly impossible to put down.
The protagonists are Amy– the prototype for the Amazing Amy child book series and her husband of five years, Nick. They are the perfect couple, attractive, adorable and in love. And then suddenly Amy went missing on the morning of their fifth anniversary, leaving clear evidence of struggle and forged diary indicating involvement of her husband Nick into her disappearance and Murder. Husband Nick narrates step by step the police investigation and we soon discover that he’s a big fan of the lie of omission. But Wait, Story has a new sharp turn. Is Nick guilty or not?

The toxicity of their marriage and how they complete each other in the ugliest possible way is only progressively exposed. You think the plot is going one way, and then it turns 145 degree angle and gives you a heart attack, and takes more curves than a rollercoaster. The plot never neatly goes where you think it’s heading. The narrative goes back and forth from Amy’s oh-so-happy diary entries to Nick’s vagueness. But what is true and what is false? Just when you think you “get it”, you find out that you don’t, not really. The reader is soon imprisoned into their lethal game and the suspense kept me turning pages late into the night.
I’m trapped between recognizing that this is one of the most “inconsistent plot-and-characterization-wise books” I’ve read in a long time – as well as one of the most entertaining “stay-up-all-night-to-finish books”. Gone Girl’s revolves around critical issues like dishonesty, how people within a marriage lie to each other, the devious media, and the unhappiness that comes with a troubled economy.
The surprises and twists keep the reader predicting up until the finishing page, and my first thought upon concluding the novel was that I desired to read it one more time. A Highly recommended Read!

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