How to cultivate habit of Reading

reading is funIn this era, many people do not read for pleasure. Some may consider that reading takes too much time and determination. Others may never have enjoyed reading and can’t imagine doing it for fun. Some may simply never have come across an atmosphere that nurtured a love of reading. However, reading can greatly enhance your life experience, and there are ways to make it even more enjoyable, follow below mentioned steps:-

  1. First and Foremost identify what you want to read. Pick a Topic of your choice and then select a best seller of that topic. For example, if you like Hindu Mythology than select books of Devdutt Patnaik. If you are interested in mystery and treasure hunting you can pick books of Dan Brown or Ashwin Sanghi.
  2. Get into a Cozy place and start reading book.
  3. Be patient till initial 50 pages. Still if you do not find book interesting, Change the Book. Read what you love, and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. It’s Ok if you do not like an award winning Book. Reading is not a competition; it’s a highly subjective and personal activity.
  4. Develop a routine and spend daily some time for reading.
  5. Keep your phone aside while reading.
  6. Always carry a Book with you
  7. Try to keep a track of books from your favorite author or genre

If you patiently follow above steps, believe me you will start enjoying reading.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one.”

Have fun, Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “How to cultivate habit of Reading”

  1. Good Priyanka earlier you expressed your views on why to read books.Motivating people listing the benefits and through this you are helping people how to kick-start and develop reading as habit and make it a passion later on.No doubt about benefit one gain by developing reading habit. One who read can write…and one who write can inspire… that’s what your passion driving you. Enjoy reading so we can enjoy your writings.Great start FY 17-18.☺☺👍

  2. चलो कुछ पढ़ लें
    फन के लिये मन के लिये
    ग्यान के लिये मान के लिये😊📕📖📔📃📑

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