Hypocrisy in India: Will we ever grow?

India is a great country with a great culture & we are blessed to have taken birth on this holy land but being a citizen of Modern Indian, it gives me immense pain in knowing that no matter how fast we are catching up with the fast-moving world, somewhere we are losing our traditions & moving towards hypocrisy. The level of hypocrisy that runs in Indian society are beyond any explanation. Even in educated metro areas, these cultural double standards are prevalent. It is not because of illiteracy, but the cultural roots run deep into the society and it will take few more generations to transform.
The question which arises now is why hypocrisy?
Corruption: In 2011, when Anna Hazare raised his voice against corruption, the whole nation supported him. Probably that was the first time when common public showed their disagreement and agitation against corruption openly. But when caught breaking a traffic rules or getting things done in Govt office, it is the same common public that won’t mind paying few cash to avoid long procedures. This is just one of many cases and it shows nothing but the hypocrisy in Indian public.
Cinema: Recently a women oriented movie ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ is not getting a certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in India.
Bearing in mind that they have passed all other movies with “constant sexual scenes, abusive words and audio pornography” because they were the male fantasy. When they can allow Mastizaade, Great Grand Masti and countless other regional Indian movies that show the male perspective on sex, why can’t they allow the female perspective? This is a clear case of Hypocrisy in Indian Cinema
Skin Color: People who have dusky complexion are considered ugly, no matter how much beautiful they are. If you see matrimonial add, many people mention fairness as an attribute.
MY dear fellow Indians, Beauty is not a property of the fair-skinned. There are millions of Indians who are dark and beautiful.
The BOY Child: Most Indian’s, specifically the rural Indians want a boy child and would do anything to get rid of a girl child. Now you might wonder what the hypocrisy is in this scene. The hypocrisy is that they want only boys and they are dead against GAY marriages. What would a population of mostly boys do ? Without girls around, what do they expect guys to marry. Dogs ?
Caste based Reservation: Our system is spoiled due to caste based reservation. Reservation can be given to those who come from economically backward families, not to those who belonged one particular community or caste. Consider this scenario:
An SC guy and a GEN guy, both appeared for competitive exam, using the reservations SC guy got into one of the best colleges, graduated and got a fat salary job. On the other hand the GEN guy couldn’t make it to top college, didn’t had money to opt top private college, so he ends up taking a degree in a field he never wanted and gets a low paying job after graduating.

Who do you think deserves the reservations now? The rich SC guy or the not so rich GEN guy?
IIM Ahmedabad (2013-15): Cut off for ST candidates – 38.34 percentile. Your score, if you didn’t attempt any answer – 55 percentile.
IIT-JEE (2015): To make it to the IIT JEE (Advanced) exam – for the physically handicapped OBC non-creamy layer, SC and ST – the cutoff is below zero. So virtually, these people can write their names and leave everything blank and still appear for Advanced.
Collectively we Indians are doing these wrongly and it won’t appear to be solved within near future. It’s high time we should open our minds, letting India break down this wall of hypocrisy & embark on a journey toward progress , our believe system, courage, awareness to change the mindset so that we can overcome our mental barriers and lose these double standards without negotiating on our culture & without giving up on the transformation of our Nation

3 thoughts on “Hypocrisy in India: Will we ever grow?”

  1. Very true.

    There is one more fact which will make young India in trouble,Communism.

    Many media/Political leaders , For there benifits rule human hearts.

    Young India needs to take this on serious note.How do we do? Needs a big though .

    This is POSSIBLE!!!


  2. It’s a topic we come across and ponder every day.What example you provided are tip of iceberg. But we all are in one way or other responsible for it. Be it Goverment,system,citizen.We have 100 reasons to complain and continue in the rot but we don’t dare to defy. Your viewpoint is very apt and we all need to think how we can change and lead a better way for one and all. We need to act,educate and fight.We must get ready to bear hardship for bringing the changes.
    Certainly the points raised by you are harsh reality and we all debate from our viewpoint and not holistically in social and national interest.
    Well thought provoking viewpoint Priyanka and each one of us must say how and what way I can contribute to make a great country…a great Bharat…not only for me but for generation to come. Keep up good work this is one way you can contribute for the positive change you dream 😊😊😊👍👍

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