I Quit! Now What? by Zarreen Khan

The book has a remarkably interesting and unique premise of an overworked professional jumping at the opportunity to take a sabbatical and later figuring out life during such break from the daily grind. If you’re bored with work and wonder about how life would be if you walked away from it all, you need to read this book. This is a light, short read with fun characters.I quit now what

The protagonist Nimisha represents millennials who get caught into a routine and profession which gets boring over a period and when they want to break free, peer pressure comes into play. The story explores the modern time relations and societal norms in a fun way while not getting preachy.  Nimisha goes from making lists about all the things she would do while on sabbatical to having what I’d call a perfect sabbatical – doing nothing at all, and also managing to land a job, and finding her calling. During her sabbatical, Nimisha tries her hand at all sorts of hobbies, only to realize how even a passionate hobby can be transformed into a full-time profession, which is gratifying as well as rewarding.

Nimisha as well as her friend gang are very endearing characters who can be related instantly. Unlike other chick-lit fiction novels, the story and characters are not just candy floss while keeping the proceedings interesting. Each has its own identity and add to the story. While the end is predictable and a happy one, yet the flow is quite gripping. The story also explores the opportunities individuals can pursue which can be both financially and creatively fulfilling.

The book’s easy to read (I read it in a couple of hours), and has a lot of heart. If you’ve ever been in a corporate, you’re likely to empathize with Nimisha and her struggles and cheer for her when she quits. It’s the ultimate corporate dream, and I like that Zarreen didn’t make it seem like the sabbatical was the easiest thing to do (nosey aunties asking about what you do all day, I’m looking at you)! I also liked that the focus wasn’t on Nimisha’s relationships, which is where most books of this nature end up veering toward, and more about finding herself.

I finished reading the book in one go, an honest approach of the author to depict Nimisha’s struggle to make even the sabbatical productive kept me hooked for hours and by the end of it I had only one feeling.. It is so real! It happens to me and most of us. In the idealistic world, where everyone is trying to be multi-talented, a perfectionist, the author brings out the beauty in being ‘not-so-prefect’. The humor and suspense until the end make it a perfect lighthearted read. It is actually a realistic self-help book.

Mental issues of corporate work culture explained through a light storyline

My Rating : 4/5


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  1. i listen Nimisha saying Eureka Eureka……..The joy,the satisfaction and the life she really wished for after working in a competitive machine like corporate like working.
    I am not sure but think in someway you must have identified with her or may be thinking its part of your story too. This is evident from your interest in the book and finishing it non stop.

    See what Zareen pen down 3 years back has become reality in 2020 for many….though undesired or forced for many but someone can pick a leaf out of it.

    Enjoy reading…..sharing and staying safe.


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