Karns’s Wife: A Remorseful tale of an unacknowledged hero of Mahabharata, by Kavita Kane

karnas-wife Iterating the greatest classic Mahabharata from Urvi (Karna’s wife) Perspective, this book explores multiple facades of Karna ! A King, a husband, a lover, a friend, a son, a father, a brother, an enemy!
Karna was enigmatic, brilliant, an epitome of moral righteousness and yet so misunderstood, An unacknowledged hero of Mahabharata!
It is a remorseful fable of an outcaste’s queen.
Ms. Kavita Kane’s inscription is fluid and easy but also flawed and not so intriguing. She has made a good attempt to depict Urvi as ‘strong confident independent’ woman who lectures to everyone starting from Bhishma to Kunti about ethics but there was not much to write about Karna, and a lot of things is repeated over and over again to glorify him. Just to show Karna and few others in good light the author destroys every other including Yudhisthira, Bhishma, Kunti, Arjun and even Krishna
On Positive side, author has illustrated the characters of the Mahabharata in a way which Made you realize that life is not all black and white and there are shades of grey in everyone. One did not see them as good or bad but understand they had their own reasons for choosing the side of right or wrong and behaving the way they did.
One sentence to sum up this book would be that, “this is a very good opportunity lost”.

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  1. The way you started about the famous Mahabharat character I thought I am in for a great reading but the last sentence made me to believe that Kavita could not do justice ……it can only be decided once we try to explore…where she faltered….but sure it should give information about character in today’s context. Keep posting😊.

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