Masala Chay by Divya Prakash Dubey

I have never read Hindi books and Masala Chay is the first Hindi book. It is a nice and good entertaining book. The author had penned down all the anecdotes beautifully and as a reader, we can relate to each tale. The language is simple, and narration is flawless and urges you to completely hooked to the stories till the end.Masala Chay

There is something so simple and nostalgic about most of the stories. These stories trap the essence and fragrance of India like no English story can. The words, the phrases, everything triggers a memory, and many smiles when you know the same happened to you. Every story will make you happy. This book will make you think at the end of every story. I liked every story and can’t decide which story is better than the other. The stories are not restricted to one particular sphere of life- they include nuggets from the ‘good old’ school days, portions that talk about adult relationships, and a decent chunk of engineering/college life (and the associated paraphernalia). It’s all relate-able- all of it would remind you of something or the other about the days you have left somewhat behind.

I had issues with the way some characters or situations evolved but overall this was a very satisfying read. Collection of awesome stories in a language that we speak in our day to day life. Superb style of presentation. I am sure some of the other nuances of each and every story would connect to each one of us at a personal level- what that something is.. depends on the sort of life we have led, and where we have led it.

It was perfectly matched with the title and one can read with a cup of masala chai. overall a nice read and would like to recommend to everyone. They can read it while traveling also. I recommend this book to those who think that Hindi writers can’t write good books.

If nostalgia is your drug, and Hindi your mother-tongue, this book is a refreshing read.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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