Mrs. Funnybones: Hilarious, Fabulous and Witty, by Twinkle Khanna

funnybones Mrs. Funnybones is basically a good satirical laugh and fun read, about Twinkle’s life as former actress turned entrepreneur, wife of a megastar, daughter of an icon, and a mother to her two naughty and adorable kids. The book is full of interesting narratives and speckled with self-effacing wit and entertaining inferences. I loved the way, author looks at life, marriage and children. There are amusing episodes on how she handles being all of these, with some pleasing moments strewn occasionally. The weight jibes, confrontations with ‘desi Jeeves’, friends and their mothers-in-law and her reference to her husband as ‘man of the house’ and her son as ‘the prodigal son’ make this story so close to real life. There are no dull moments in this book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
To sum up in short, this book is not a story but a sort of daily diary of a woman, wife and a mother. If you are familiar with her as a celebrity, you might like this book.

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  1. Some people have art of looking at and describing small little things in life beautifully which we generally ignore. The book seems to be touching such small incidents that gives real meaning to life.It offers a tension free heart ful reading May be you will touch upon The legend of Laxmi Prasad in continuation.

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