My PMP journey…

PMI-PMP exam is one of the more difficult certifications exams mostly because of the type of questions asked and the answer choices. The questions are rarely technical and more often than not more than one choice would seem correct. They are not technical and require judgement and a thorough knowledge of PMBOK.


I passed my PMP exam in 50 days including 4 days of mandatory training on 20th March 2018, just 5 days before version 5 was changing to version 6 !!

Hi All PMP aspirants,

Let me share some valuable tricks and study plan to clear PMP exam:

1.       Become a Member of PMI. Download PMBOK latest version and start reading it.

2.       Fill out application form.

3.       Enroll and attend 4 days training program for 35 PDU from certified Institute. I did my training from Infocareer Chennai (

4.       First read Rita Book end-to-end , one round of complete reading. And highlight the important texts/ formula /charts with highlighter, so that next time you can focus on important ones.

5.       Secondly read PMBOK completely.

6.       Thirdly, again Read Rita second time.

7.      Solve all Rita Mulcahy’s end of chapter questions.

8.       Understand and Memorize Rita Mulcahy’s process chart, this will help you to understand when a process takes place and what comes before/after that. Understand all PMBOK Input-Output very well, you may get some questions.

9.       Understand Integrated Change Control process very clearly, you will be tested in exam on scenarios where a change is taking place during project.

10.   If possible read PMBOK one more time with Glossary/PMBOK Process Groups Knowledge Areas Mapping/formulae and you will see that you have gained enough confidence and control on topics.

11.   In Parallel try to do as many mock questions as possible.

12.   Just one week before exam, start taking complete 4 hour mock test. (I took 5 Full 4 hour mock tests from Infocareer and hundreds of knowledge area wise mock questions). The real Advantage of taking these mock tests is to guide you on your mistakes & how and how much you have to read further the PMBOK and other study books.

13.   If you are achieving 70%+ in mock test than you are ready for Exam.

14.   Daily 3 hours of dedicated study is enough for doing what all mentioned in above points. You can do it any time after office hours or early in the morning. I choose after office hours (from 8.00 to 11.00 pm)

15.   Religiously 6 to 8 hours on weekends.

16.   You have to involve your family as well. Make them aware of study plan so they can be supportive by not disturbing during study hours.

17.   During real PMP exam, Don’t Panic! And take care of time. I was behind schedule and somehow I managed to complete all questions.

In case of any doubt, please reach out to me in comment sections.

Happy to help!

All the best!

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  1. Congrats Priyanka for another milestone. This shows your hunger for Knowledge and your quest for wisdom. More importantly your HAPPY TO HELP attitude.
    Keep learning Keep sharing and helping

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