One & a Half Wife by Meghna Pant

one-and-half-woman“Women supportsmen + Men supportsMen = No one supports Women”

One and Half Wife by Meghnapant is a novel about emotional, heart wrenching , pitiful story of a Girl Next door ‘ Amara’ and the pain that she goes through while trying to settle down in USA where she almost finds herself unfit.

Amara Malhotra, a girl rooted with thoughts and hopes of marriage and it being the prime and only goal in her life, is a graceful and sober girl who is settling her feet in a foreign land while her mother and father (high-spirited Biji and dotting baba), being extremely conservative even after living in the West, tie her wing with Indian society hypocrisy“ Char log kya kahenge”. The rejection of a rich cousin and the fear of failure in the US depress her every day until one day she finds herself married to a Millionaire, Prashant Roy. Her dreams, her aspirations remain short-lived as he reveals his failure to love her back. A shattered and divorced Amara with parents who least acknowledge her presence returns to India finding a new Society with high rises and people wearing western clothes yet carrying the same conservative notions.

This is a story which dealt with Love and Human relationships. Meghna pant has weaved emotions into the subjects of Immigration and divorce with great maturity, terrific grace and power. Characters and plots are set brilliantly; the depiction of a divorced lady in the beginning to define changes in human nature with time is beautiful. The protagonist leaves a long-lasting impression on the reader, even after the book is done. It is easy to connect with the characters and you feel like you are actually a part of the life of the Amara.

Story is well told, language is good and flow is beautiful. No un-necessary detailing and one enjoys the journey. Every tide and ebb is depicted in the right proportion. The title moreover is quite catchy and very well suited. Lastly, the ending is beautiful, positive and carries a strong message. Phenomenal novel guys!I would recommend this book for its simplicity and its intriguing story that will make you listen to the hues and cries of a harassed woman.

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  1. you feel like you are actually a part of the life of the Amara…….. Priyanka your this sentence reveal that Meghna is able to connect with the reader and that’s essence of impact she is able to create in the heart and mind of reader.

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