One Indian Girl: The fable of dynamics and quest for Love, by Chetan Bhagat

This is first time when Mr. Bhagat has written from a girl’s outlook. Likewise his previous work this time also his main protagonist or narrator’s name is derived from Krishna. After Hari, Shyam, Govind, Krish and Madhav, this time it’s Radhika.
One Indian Girl is the Story of Radhika Mehta, a West Delhi Girl who has made it to distressed debt group of one the world’s most prestigious bank. Radhika is an Independent, ambitious, over achiever, smart, intellectual and good-looking girl. She found love of her life two times and lost it both the time. She tried to get into arranged marriage system but there also her soul didn’t able to quench her thirst for love and affection.
The story line is pretty smooth, full of turns that will keep you engaged but also slow at certain points.
I am not impressed and happy with few portrayals and wish that Mr. Bhagat would have considered altered scenario:-
1. Being an Independent and feminist woman, Radhika should not avoid situation and run away from USA to Hong Kong and later on Hong Kong to London. This depicted her shallowness and weakness.
2. Mr. Bhagat has wrongly reflected the Feminism concept. Being feminism is not about Anti man. Radhika’ s approach seems to be more towards finding faults in men with their weakness and take advantage of that. She herself was not very genuine and honest as no self-respected women will endure the relationship with her married super boss.
3. Radhika could have found her soul mate in Brijesh as he was mature and sensible enough to match her metaphoric parameters, stated earlier in Noval. But in the high state of confusion she left him without giving any proper justification. That was not right on part of Brijesh.
4. If the leading lady was so distressed with her previous relationships than why she was melting and getting jumbled over her decision when Debu and Neel showed up in her wedding. I believe no girl with pride and self-esteem will do that.
5. I am an Indian Girl, I do make good money, I also do have opinions in almost all matters which can be discussed under the sunlight and I do look good as well. But I am nowhere able to relate myself with Radhika. Something was amiss.
However, apart from my above criticism, I am not supporting those who are against Chetan Bhagat, telling him bad names and discarding his work without even reading it. Public should understand that it takes a lot of blood and sweat to write a book. If someone have a problem with content, then they should only talk about the story not about the storyteller. Also we should not forget that it’s Mr. Bhagat whose work has turned many of Indians to a reader.

But since now there are millions of readers in India and gradually the literature taste are getting Improved Hence I wish that Mr. Bhagat should focus on more meaningful content. In short it is a book which may be liked by young readers but definitely not by mature audience.

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  1. I had read abd wrote a review of this book on my blog. The way you have approached abd covered all the aspects of the book is very detailed and meticulous. Good job!

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