Rishi Kapoor _ Khullam Khulla (Uncensored)

Khullam KhullaThis is my first Novel related to Bollywood and I am not disappointed. I have always been a Rishi Kapoor fan. I absolutely adored him in films like Karz and Kabhi Kabhi. So this book was a must read for me. The book didn’t let me down because was a very straightforward telling of his life from his perspective, and also gives a sneak preview of the Hindi film industry from the 1970s to now. Mr. Kapoor appeared very cool and frank with his book and didn’t mince his words. Through this book Mr. Rishi Kapoor has unfolded various story of Indian Film Industry. Here are some open and bindass facts by Rishi Kapoor, taken from his memoir:
• Mr. Kapoor honestly disclosed that Raj Kapoor was involved with other women even though he was married to Krishna Raj Kapoor.
• Mr. Kapoor also admitted that he bought film fare award of Best actor for Bobby. He confessed to pay Rs. thirty two thousand for this award.
• He had rough relationship with Rajesh Khanna over Dimple Kapadia. Dimple was his first Heroine and he used to feel possessive about her.
• Rishi Kapoor in his memoir admitted that his first steady and serious girlfriend was a Parsi girl, Yasmin Mehta, whom he dated much before Neetu and his first film Bobby.
• In his biography Rishi Kapoor says that during his time, roles were precisely written keeping Amitabh Bachchan in mind and he was credited for the success of all his films, despite the fact that the secondary characters were also outstanding actors in their own area.
• Every actor has to go through his share of ups and downs in his career, so did Mr. Kapoor. In his book, the 70’s actor says that with his first film Bobby being a super hit, his hopes from his other films were quite high but they all flopped at the box-office. By this time he was married to Neetu, not only had he began suffering from depression for his failures but ended up blaming Neetu for them, thus damaging their relationship.

The book was very easy, entertaining, breezy and page turner with good anecdotes of Rishi Kapoor’ s honest revelations. The book is almost a reflection of the person that Mr.Kapoor is—passionate, talented, candid, brash, possesive and very lovable. The foreword by Ranbir and the Afterword by Neetu has earned brownie points for the book.

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  1. Your narration suggest that the book is enjoyed like flowing with cool calm river.Rishi holds a special charm in heart of people. Who can forget his encounter with Simmi in MNJ.As you pointed I think his candid revelation made the book more likable like Rishi himself. I think every life is a story or a novel…..some are khullam khulla and some are as small as can be written on Rasidi Ticket…of Amrita Pritam . Book characterize Rishi as truthful….which again can be seen in his remark about Vinod Khanna funeral.

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