Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

So I generally prefer to read the books by an author from their first book if I can help it but for Gillian Flynn I have literally done the exact opposite. I read ‘Gone Girl’ first then the ‘Dark Places’ and finally now ‘Sharp Objects’.Sharp Objects by gillian flynn

Sharp Objects written by Gillian Flynn published in 2006 is a psychological thriller about Camille Preaker, a Chicago-based reporter sent to her hometown in Wind Gap, Missouri to cover a story about the unsolved murder of a girl whose chase bears striking similarities with a murder a year earlier and it soon turn into a serial killer case and Camille has to deal with her toxic family along with all the people she knew way back and try to find the truth or does she want to?

Sharp Objects is a twisted psychological thriller. There is a lot of getting into Camille’s (messed up) head. The story is more about her and her relationships with her mother and half-sister than it is about the girls’ murders. This story is fraught with all sorts of aberrant behavior: sex with teenagers, drug use, alcoholism, bullying, self-mutilation, child abuse, and murder.

Throughout the story, Camille battles with her past and her inner mind to keep from succumbing to the vortex of despair brought on by being in the sphere of influence of her deranged mother. Camille clearly has deep psychological problems. She is sucked into engaging in dangerous behaviors during her visit to Wind Gap.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, whoa! You don’t. I didn’t see it coming. Amazing writing keeps you hooked from page 1. Gillian Flynn knows her stuff, I am a big fan and this will not disappoint. I loved Gone Girl and was so happy when they made it a movie. I am very excited to see the adaptation of Sharp Objects on HBO. I could not put this book down. It’s one of those books where you have to force yourself to stop reading so you don’t read it in 24 hours. I tried to take my time but only lasted 4 days. If you are a fan of thrillers with great plot twists, you will not be disappointed.

This was a disturbing book and I have always loved the twisted imagination the author brings to her female characters and to the family dimensions. I for one wasn’t able to figure out the actual murderer well sorta but the killer somehow never came into my focus I don’t know why and now if I ever re-read this I would see the signs but again this is nicely written thriller where acquaintances doesn’t mean much and in a town of 2000 odd people gossips reign supreme. And yeah Camille also liked to cut her and carve words on her body hence the title of the book. For She craves sharp objects to cut herself once more but her family is really toxic with worst family members.

So yeah this is wonderful debut book by the author of Gone Girl and if you read that you already know how wonderfully twisted Gillian’s mind works so then pick and read and then just Keep on Reading. The author does an excellent job of describing the setting and the characters. One noticeable writing characteristic is that she uses “like” (as in simile) in practically every other paragraph which, on the one hand, provides a way to poetically describe something and on the other hand, is annoyingly repetitious. I recommend this book for people who enjoy dark psychological thrillers, where the mystery and murder are just set ups for authors to portray dark disturbing characters and fully fleshed but damaging relationships.

One brief comment about the TV series (since this blog post is a book review, not a TV review). My suggestion is to either watch the TV series OR read the book; not both.

My rating : 3.5/5

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  1. As the SO by GF captured so is your review aroused curiosity in my mind. One of the longest review by you. Not many would have liking for psychological thrillers but your recommendation may lure them to peep in.Given choice I would rather go with TV Series. English is one notch above for the book of your teenager days.

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