Terms and Conditions Apply (sharten laagoo) by Divya Prakash Dubey

After Masala Chay, this is my second book of Author Divya Prakash Dubey. The anthology has few good stories in it. The blurb of the book describes them as ‘13 short stories and a true incident. The narration has been kept simple and to the point. The main highlight of the entire book is it’s in Hindi. The entire concept revolves around basic human behavior and human reactions towards relationships and issues.Shartein lagoo

Few stories are not up to the mark in the book and leave a lot to be desired at times. Also, the relationship agenda has been highlighted too much so it takes the freshness away from the book. Many stories revolve around divorce, troubled relationships and give the impression that most middle-class families are broken homes, which might not be completely true, but he has shown some courage in depicting things in their own light. Many stories are written in the first person, who is acquainted with the central character. But the first person mostly remains invisible in all stories (and let the characters develop independently.

The books start slowly, the stories at the starting of the book did not appeal to me, but starting from “Sangam Caterer”, each story has something to say. The ending one mentioning Piyush Mishra is more of a tribute to Mishra than a story, but his fans would like it. All in all, nice collection, which adds DP, as he calls himself, to the new breed of Hindi story writers, who are ready to make a compromise in terms of language if that helps them in getting the idea across. Even though one would enjoy reading the book, there are not many stories which one is going to remember after one has put the book down.

Overall it’s a nice initiative to write an anthology in Hindi. The experience is good enough. It’s a mix of some creative and unique narrations plus some average and simple narrations. The readers will get to know a few more things about the human psyche with this book. The stories in the books are just ok and didn’t amuse me much. The book was between “it was okay” and “liked it”, but I am going with 3/5 because of the unique style of writing.

My rating: 3/5

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