Terrorism is what I call the violence of the weak and I condemn it; War is what I call the violence of the strong and I glorify it.

DisclaimerBelievers of humanity, peace, equality and similar stuff can scroll away.

Shameful and disgusting attack by senseless cowards in Pulwama which killed 40 Indian CRPF soldiers.

Yesterday 40 Indian brave CRPF soldiers lost their life in Pulawama attack while protecting us. The Pakistan-supported terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed has taken the responsibility of this cowardly attack. The moment I heard the news of terrorist attack, my blood boiled I was raging on fire. My heart goes out for all the CRPF Jawans killed in the Islamic Terrorist Attack. I know my condolences means nothing and it will literally not change anything.

This is not an attack in a distant border of our country which barely registers in our mind while we keep stressing about our job, boss, wife and children. It is a direct threat to our existence which is too intangible for us to feel right now.

India should now get of its liberal and peace mind and it urgently need to take steps against these radicalized puppets of Pakistan. Today, they have nothing good to do so they are busy in killing the CRPF forces because they haven’t yet witnessed what new India is.

But why this happened?

Because everything is normal in our country. The separatist leaders who want to make Kashmir a separate part are welcomed and politicians want discussion with them. Many leaders have soft feelings for the stone pelters, they speak against our country, support Pakistan but nothing happens to them. The intellectual write editorial in newspapers saying that raising slogans does not means sedition. The university become center of anti-India activities but nothing happens to them because we are democracy and we have freedom of speech.

Instead of criticizing the government, I would like to throw some light on the behavior of people of our country since their responsibility towards our nation should never be ignored.

This attack is a tight slap on the faces of all those people who think India must maintain cordial relation with Pakistan (Where is Navjot Siddhu btw? Oh! must be sitting on the couch and laughing in Kapil Sharma show).

This attack is a tight slap on the faces of all those people who think Pakistani citizens have empathy and are sensitive towards us (I wonder why my neighbouring brother and sisters aren’t condemning this).

This attack is a tight slap on the faces of people supporting the stone-pelters of Kashmir and then in turn blaming the Indian Army. When a CRPF soldier returns from election duty he is abused, slapped and his helmet kicked but we celebrate because he has showed restraint. The stone pelter has human rights but soldiers don’t have.

This attack is a tight slap on all those people who support Pakistani artists working in India by some illogical statements like– “Artists have no boundaries”(this is disrespect to the jawans who are fighting in the borders for our safety).

This attack is a tight slap on the faces of people signing petition for terrorists but then crying on rising intolerance in our country (remember Naseeruddin Shah).

This attack is again a tight slap on the people who say “Terrorism has no religion”(People preaching this can scroll away and ignore this).

This attack is a tight slap on the faces of people supporting anti national students and their tukde-tukde.

It’s a shame that our brave soldiers die for the protection of such above mentioned as*holes. Do they ever realize the pain of women who lose their husband ? Do they ever sympathize the pain of children who lose their father ?

It is the high time that now in 2019, such stupid and senseless people who think that celebrating the death of soldiers and murdering them brutally will help them in achieving the freedom should be taught a lesson. Every probable terrorist organisation’s network should be traced down and these people should be taught a good lesson so that the next time when these organisations plan their terrorist activity, they should shiver of fear.

40-approx Jawans martyred in a single day is huge in amount and calling it mere an attack is stupidity. It’s a WAR!

The harsh truth is that by killing three dozen terrorists or destroying two or three border posts of Pakistan doesn’t make them feel the pain. It doesn’t bleed them. The leaders of all these terrorist organizations are sitting in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Do you think that by doing heavy border shelling and another half a dozen surgical strikes across the border will cause them to rethink their strategy of bleeding India by a thousand cuts?

The world stands with India and these radical organisations are just the ants who should be crushed mercilessly. The attack on the forces of India is something that should not be taken lightly and every person even remotely connected to it should be punished mercilessly. India needs to have strict pest control mechanisms. The sacrifice of the CRPF jawan should not go in vain.

India needs to give befitting taste to Pakistan of their own medicine. No, I’m not pointing towards Surgical Strike. I am pointing towards complete destruction of terrorists through a strong operation which should be bigger than Surgical Strike. This is the only way we can stop terror attacks from Pakistan in the future.

राफेल राफेल करते करते, देश हो गया फेल

आतंकवादी खेल गये, अवंतीपुरा मे खूनी खेल

सिंच गये राष्ट्र भक्ति से, दे कर अपना रक्त

हमें सुरक्षा देते देते, हुऐ शहीद राष्ट्र भक्त

आंसू रीते बुझी केन्डल, सूख गये सब घाटी के फूल

साथियों बढो आगे दो ललकार, करो नेस्तनाबूद आतंकी मूल

बदला नहीं है ये ईंसाफ, एक एक दुश्मन को करो साफ

शांति दूत हैं हम मगर, कुकृत्य नहीं करेंगे अब माफ.


Salute to all the soldiers.

Jai Hind!


2 thoughts on “Terrorism is what I call the violence of the weak and I condemn it; War is what I call the violence of the strong and I glorify it.”

  1. Today there is no place of fear…tear..shok
    its time for hunkaar josh and shaurya.
    you have truly put the sentiments of millions of Bhartiya
    in most purposeful and practical way,while showing mirror to many..
    Hope actions of today will bring a shining sun tomorrow….make India and world a better and peaceful place …..Our salute to the brave soldiers and to the family who despite all this ready to have their family members in sena and bring back glory of nation. Jai Jawan …Jai Hindustan.
    Thanks Priyanka for the sentiments.

  2. Terrorism is what I call the violence of the COWARD and I condemn it; War is what I call the FIGHT FOR JUSTICE and I glorify it…..I read it again and done slight changes as after thought. Overall you have shown courage to tell spade a spade and which is commendable.

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