The Art Of Saying NO by Damon Zahariades

‘When you give in to temptations, you become a slave to your impulses.’
Being able to say no is something that doesn’t come naturally to many of us. With that respect, this book was pretty insightful. We all have a people pleaser in us, on being asked to help, we don’t even listen to the end of the sentence and may pop in with a ‘yes’, or in the worst case scenario, a ‘maybe’. It helps you understand why we instinctively say yes to things.

This book highlights why we say “yes” when saying “no” might be a better option. It can help you develop your ability to say “no” to people in an assertive manner. It does a good job in distinguishing aggressive intent from an assertive one. But the core concept that I got from the book is that when you are saying “no” you have to be courteous, kind, respectful and unwavering. You should state your reasons clearly and own it by not saying “I can’t” (if you can and don’t want to). State your reasons honestly you have no reason to lie.

If you feel like that’s you during any occasions, then you should definitely check this book out. It is all about the art of saying no. Saying ‘no’ not for confrontation, rather for the very purpose of reclaiming what we have been tossing around, our time, our energy, and our efforts. And the author describes multiple ways on how one can learn to say no without feeling guilty, even when it might seem difficult to do so. The author talks about different reasons and scenarios from everyday life where one can’t say no. Although after a point of time, it tends to get redundant.

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