The Marriage Plot, by Jeffery Eugenides

the-marriage-plotI guess, I had high expectations for this book because
1) It is written by Jeffrey Eugenides; 2) It deals with the idea that a happy ending means someone gets married; and 3) it was a very readable length for a novel. (I have been unable to finish a few books lately so I’m proud of myself for finishing this one!)
The story revolves around three college friends from Brown University—Madeleine, Leonard, and Mitchell—beginning in their senior year and follows them during their first year post-graduation.
Madeleine, the main heroine is a privileged, selfish, confused girl with two guys inexplicably in love with her. Needy and hopeless in romance, she likes doting on Leonard. Leonard is fickle and tortured soul with a hot temper had a tough childhood, ruined by an everlasting depression and now he loves Madeleine because she takes care of him. He keeps himself at a distance for out of difficult-to-believe principles and later feels the obligation to distance himself from Madeleine out of concern for her safety and well-being. Mitchel is a guy with a pitiable crush, unjustified loyalty, self-pitying in his “friend-zone” status before he is cast off into his ruminative, angst self-banishment. He believes Madeleine is destined to be his despite objectifying her and he cannot “move on” from what never existed.
As for writing structure, the novel course switches from ‘perspectives of all 3 protagonist’ but since there’s no difference between the styles for each section, that ends up denotation not much more than you read the same stories two or three times for no obvious reason.
Classic love triangle with no one ends up happy. I don’t need a happy ending mind you, was just expecting more of an emotional connection. Not one of the characters were all that like able either. Also It was also hard to understand why the characters, act the way they do.
An abrupt ending also left me feeling like I was just trying to swallow something when I got caught with a hiccup

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