The Monkey Theory: Conquer Your Mental Chatter by Sfurti Sahare

I picked up this book because of its unique title and equally interesting blurb. It is simple and humble representation of how to conquer the mental chatter and get on with daily life activities.


Adored the fact that the author gave some practical advice along with a fantastical ideas about working of your mind. I really liked the author’s way of presentation (including those orange, grey monkey doodles) & tables. Sometimes I got the feeling that I’m reading a “psychology” academic book, but she handled that very well by giving more “relatable” day-to-day examples.

It starts with categorizing your mental chatter into different monkey families where prominent are Human monkey ( the sane one who wants to move ahead in life ), Procrastinator monkey ( who loves tomorrows and all fun stuff and what’s to do it right now ), Drunk monkey ( they are nothing but your whims and fancy who changes colour like a chameleon ) and lastly Fear monkey ( who keep on pulling Human monkey for good all the time ). It is a nice blend of various self-help books like 7 habits, how to win friends and influence people. The concept is not new but the packaging is attractive.

The best part of this book is the concept every monkey is explained with taking the present scenario examples, I assure everyone will connect to them like me. In so many situations, we felt depressed, stressed and so on but in this book,  we find the reasons for it and of course solutions too. The entire book is about mental chatter and developing a good mental health. She delivered her content with simple words but with a deep meaning. I loved and learned so many things from every single chapter. THE PURPLE ISLAND is my favourite chapter from this book.

The line to which I connected most in this book is “Any day can be the last day”

I discussed about the P-monkey and all the rest with my team and they were amazed on the depiction. Now whenever we procrastinate for a task, we say the p-monkey is active, lets beat it down. Very well written, simple & workable tricks. I would suggest everyone to read this.

My Rating : 4/5

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