The power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy

The power of your subconscious mind, as is clear from the title, dwells on the importance of one’s consciousness and its power to heal, create and make one’s life The Power of Subconscious mind.jpgbetter. The power of positive affirmations and optimal thinking, and how it can work wonders in practical life where one might find themselves going through hard times on more occasions than once.

I do enjoy self help books , some have even helped, but I’m afraid this is a load of tosh and highly overrated. There are far too many biblical references and one begins to suspect there is a religious driver behind this. There are instances where author has referred to the law of attraction (from book secret of Rhonda) where he says that by only truly believing and using your subconscious mind without hard work you will be able to achieve something, and I totally disagree with this. If this would have been true than all would have become Bill Gates , Mark Zuckerbark, Sindar Pichai or whatever they have ever dream of.

Apart from all that, the book does have meaningful things to say and it did open a lot of knots in my head but I found it boring, all points could be shorted in less than the size of the book. I do believe in the power of the sub-conscious but the author makes far too many claims for its power and how the conscious mind can influence it. In most chapters you can just read the summary at the end. Overall message is too simplistic and one-dimensional. There are much better books that include similar message but that also put sub-consciousness in the context of overall personality maturation, spiritual growth and overcoming the Ego. I wouldn’t dismiss this book but I wouldn’t recommend it either.

I can summarize the whole concept in 5 words. “I THINK, THEREFORE I AM.”

My rating : 3/5

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