Things, tired of reading in a YA Fiction

Recently I happened to read a lot of Young adult fiction and I kind of find a pattern in all these various novels which I am pointing out here:

Girls with no agency. They drag their feet over ever thing they have to do. They’re only goals are staying alive, protecting their pathetic family and kissing boys. C’mon, can we have a rebel leader who actually wants to be a rebel leader? Can we have a girl with a dream, a goal, a hope for the future? Please? Because it’s boring when they don’t.

Love taking up most the plot. Romance only has a 1 in 10 chance of interesting me. Don’t spend your entire time on it, unless it’s a romance. If it’s a dystopian, focus on the dystopian world, if it’s fantasy, focus on the fantasy. Enough with turning every single genre into a romance.

Wish fulfillment characters. In most YA, the main character is a boring character that the readers are supposed to be, and the love interest is a incredibly hot character so the reader can fangirl over him. I wish people would start writing characters as people with personalities instead of wish fulfillment for the reader.

Love triangles. Unless they’re used as humor, what’s the point?

The girl realizes the society is evil because of a boy. Can we just have her figure out for herself, or be taught by a mentor or friend? Because the entire idea that romance opens up your eyes to the ‘real world’ kinda makes me want to throw up

The world’s a horrible dystopian but the biggest worry is boys. Does he love me? Do I love him? I really couldn’t care less who you’re going to kiss, ms YA lead, the end of the evil government seems a little more important

Girls with white skin, green/blue/weird multicolor much mentioned eyes, and long brown hair. Yawn. Why the heck do all YA Protagonist look identical?

Sudden diversity. Turning a once awesome character gay with no warning and have him/her do nothing but moan over his/her love interest. The best friend who’s brown, or chubby, or brown and chubby. The little speech about how minority are the biggest targets and whites privilege. But naturally the main character and love interests are still white. If you want diversity, start with the main characters and watch out for stereotypes.

Ridiculous reasons why the main couple can’t get together, and them getting together anyway. (ie, “oh, my father was evil and killed yours, this causes angst and complaints that we can’t be together, but we’ll constantly kiss and even smash

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