THINK STRAIGHT: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

I picked up this book because I was looking for an instant motivation. It’s a good thing this book is on Kindle Unlimited, because expecting people to pay for this may be going a step too far. Not only does it have nothing original to contribute, but it also contradicts itself constantly, and is based largely off personal anecdotes and experiences that are then converted into generalizations.

The book is like, Just old wine in a new bottle. The most difficult part for me was there was no continuity in chapters. Each chapter brought a new concept which hardly linked with the previous one. If you have read few of the famous self-help titles before then do not buy this. Some chapters are good, especially liked the advice on maintaining a journal. But overall the book seems written by someone who is not an expert in human psychology or productivity, just someone who is trying to earn money through various online businesses, blogs etc, and this book is just another stone in that pond. Churning out quantity rather than focusing on quality. The author advises things like not thinking about the past but focusing on the future, and just assumes it happens. He does not seem to realize that it’s not that simple for most people. There are various emotional reasons why people remain invested in past habits. In general this kind of tone is persistent throughout the book, where he seems to be giving staid advice to robots instead of trying to understand and advise complex human beings. This seemed particularly apparent in the second half of the book.
I have given it two stars as it’s fairly well written and the author seems to have good intentions but I’ve come away with little of value.

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